Thursday, May 24, 2012


~ I always seem to find new inspiration in a view, a talk with a friend or family member, an old piece of artwork or new one seen.  Recently I ran across a small canvas I did a long time ago using a transfer image from a tintype of my great-grandmother. She is only 15 yrs. old in this photo and I believe this is her wedding photo, as that was the age when she married.  Alice had a hard life as a farm wife and I think she was very lonely.  She has become my current inspiration, telling me through her image that life is tough, but there is strength through family, friends and the good days.
On the left is an ATC I'm making for a 'Mid-Summer Night's Dream' swap. 'Tis' Almost Fairy Time' reminds me that soon I will be escaping to the Outer Banks and a moonlight beach-can't wait! ~Lou


  1. these are just the image of your grandmother. can't imagine being married at 15. it was certainly a different time.I think my grandmother married young also. glad you are back to making art. Have a terrific time on vacation, walking on the beach!

  2. Lou, I adore the small beautiful and how special that it is using an image of your grandmother. Love it!

  3. How beautiful your grandmother was! You've done her justice on this canvas. And, the ATC is lovely, full of anticipation. I hope you have a wonderful vacation.