Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cabinet Photograph Swap

I did it again.  I became attached to one of my swaps and had to make another one!  I made 'All the Rage' first, on the left, and just had to keep her for her bird-nest hat, so I made the 'Cherish' butterfly baby to mail instead. Hope you don't mind, Marsha!
I still love to alter and paint old photographs-it is so easy to add pieces of lace (apron on the baby), photo-copy wings, napkin images (bird nest!), and of course, glitter (buttons!). Photos are still a bargain at flea markets-pick them up for less than a dollar whenever you can.  I mean, look at all the money ya all spend at craft stores and ya can get the real deal for so much less at a junk store! Or search for a 'Lot' of photos on Ebay.~Lou

Friday, July 6, 2012

One of the Best Moments of My Life

Renewing of our vows after 50 years on the beach at the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  The kids and grandkids gave us a great party too, with a catered dinner.  Since Tom almost didn't make it with health problems this last year, we were especially thankful.  God is good. ~Lou


I have started to get the creative juices going with a few swaps, such as a large matchbox swap using only vintage and antique items.  I am thankful that there are others out there that appreciate the uniqueness of the old items, that I feel, tell a story.  My 'Mid-Summer Night's Dream' is a fairy Queen's cradle for an old china Charlotte doll, peacock feather, old German text strips, moss and a jewel.  The 'queen' is an old tintype painted with Golden's acrylics and placed on a brooch, two screen brass numbers added, a tin corner adornment put on top, and all arranged on a velvet half of an old photograph case.  I made a similar one to keep. ~Lou