Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Tech Age is Making Me Broke

Tom recieved a wonderful 'Router' for father's day, which caused a domino affect in our home.  Our 4 year old TV did not have enough ports to add netflex, which was the goal of the Apple router.  So we HAD (per DH) to get a new TV, speaker bar and Blueray...oh, and techy son said we HAD to get a universal remote to set it all up.
Okay-finally could get Netflex, which is fabulous. So of course computer started dying (actually has been going through a prolonged illness for 9yrs) and tech son back again with great deal on Windows 7 package.  Yikes-just back from our vacation and bills flying in, but DH must have great deal.  So, OF COURSE, printer is not compatible with new computer.  Back to store with wonderful techy son and buy printer and a bag of pistachios for son's trouble.  He is LOVING spending parents money!
Now I love all the new toys, but I have the joy of making money to pay for it all with my Ebay store.  I think I may find some of DH's stuff to list, maybe while he is busy listening to Raggae on Apple!
Also, lost many files and artwork from old computer and many programs won't work. Grrrr...
Sorry to vent!
Otherwise, life is great- warm summer days-can't complain about that.  ~Lou

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ella Doll Done, Finally Summer....

Finally finished my Ella Dyantha Cloth doll and pleased that she looks very happy sitting in my doll (escape) room.  Her body was an antique one I bought at a doll show, probably dates to the 1880s or so.  I painted the face on an old piece of homespun and preserved it with a light spraying of matte.  She is wearing antique children's clothes- my passion right now- especially early calicos.
I am back from vacation at the ocean and feel renewed.  Listed stuff on my Ebay store, but not many buyers in the summer.  My trip finds for the store will be listed in the Fall, when business usually picks up.
A note here- my dear friend Darlene just had to put her last cat to sleep-please send her cyber hugs if you are an animal lover like us.  Thanks, Lou

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Redbird Wishes

How I love summer!  There is a bird in a tree in front of our bedroom window that starts chirping at 5am every morning.  Now I really admire this bird, as she (has to be) on schedule with her job every summer day and reminds me that the sun is out! I appreciate this tiny miracle of nature and treasure my beautiful backyard and fish pond too! 
We have one large Koi in the pond named Harley, who jumps up to greet us.  There is a plastic owl to ward off a crane that also wants to have Harley, but the owl senses movement and turns his head to scare the crane.  I like to watch the owl watch me!  Okay- so I'm getting a bit daft....
On the way to my GD graduation (pic above) a redbird flew in front of our car-quite close, but safely.  A redbird is an oriental sign of good luck, and I took it as such, both for us and our GD.
I am wishing you all redbird wishes for this summer! ~Lou

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ella Doll Head Looking for Herself

My doll 'Ella' has her head done, but can't find her body as yet.  Actually, I have to redo the neck area, as the old body I purchased needs reinforcement in that area.  The doll head was made from old sacking, stuffed with organic wool, then face applied with the watercolor pencils, sprayed with matte varnish, then a clear matte liquid added over (the one Keith Lobue uses- forget name now.)  I wanted a primitive look- like the old oil cloth dolls I can't afford. 
 Ella, my maternal GM, loved to paint ANYTHING.  She once painted over a wallpaper big scene, because she didn't like the trees.  Also, painted walls, milkcans, furniture- in a style ala GM Moses.  My favorite memory of her was to take the bus to the dime store and eat hotdogs. ~Lou

Monday, June 13, 2011

More Journaling, I Promise, Maybe....

I am hoping to be more personal on my posting, as I believe I am at a point in my life that is trying to simplify.  I seem to be narrowing interests and not looking for pats on my back anymore.  Thus I am done with submissions and trying to get a book published.  Better to appreciate every day and the blessings I have now.  And what blessings I have!
Will be doing artwork that I want to do and not be stressed that something is not finished.  I currently am working on a cloth doll to be made to look old.  Actually the body is old and antique, with fabulous individually sewn fingers.It was purchased for $15 at a doll show and has been patiently waiting for a head for over a year.  I just made her face last week- very primitive looking- and painted with Derwent watercolor pencils on an old 'fly-specked' piece of cotton.  I am pleased with both the pencils (thank you, Kelly!) and her look.  Her name is 'Ella' after my grandmother, and I will try to post some photos of her soon.
Photo is of our daughter and our GG child- the best blessing ever........Lou