Monday, August 27, 2012

Edgar's ATCs

So, I couldn't resist making some Poe ATCs for a swap either (Kim- you must stop reading my mind.)  My first card has a miniature skull and is called, 'Vital Organs', next is 'Busy Bee' (wasn't he?) and lastly is 'Birds of a Feather' (...written in script on the ribbon, and he has a raven on his shoulder, and birdcage, etc.)
I like to make individual ATCs most of the time- more like little artworks, I think. ~Lou

POE is the Man

Seems to me Edgar is quite popular nowadays, with a big spread in Somerset and lots of swaps going on.  Personally I feel he was a tragic and brillant soul, lonely and misunderstood, and today would have had trouble finding a publisher for his gross subject matter.  I am in a journal swap featuring EAP and choose a diecut large album of 14 inches in length that I found at a scrapbook store on sale for 50c.  It spelled something else-can't remember what- I took the letters apart to make 'POE' (the 'p' had been an 'r' I remember.) I put an old image of him inside the opening of the 'P', added a real feather pen, wax 'bee' seal, letter written with 'Jane Austen' font about the 'Pit and the Pendulum' (don't you just love handwritten fonts on the 
There are plain ecru pages inside. ~Lou

Monday, August 20, 2012

Halloween Cabinets

I made two altered cabinet Halloween cards for a swap- the one on the left more artsy, with bat appendages added and green skin, with text, "Want to go hang out?"  The other has a piece of embroidery that looks like a web with black glitter and two spiders, the baby is 'trapped.'  I tend to lean towards the bizarre, so prefer my boys to 'hang'  with!~Lou