Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Techno Time Challenge

I'm still here, but barely. I had to install 'Chrome' to get my blog (photos would not upload) back up and that was quite a techno challenge.  I mean, I couldn't ask my I.T. son, or my next door 'so busy' son, or my daughter crazy with moving, so of course I took weeks to figure it out myself, and meanwhile wasted lots of valuable art time.

I am still doing some swaps-above are two large vintage tags that will be exchanged.  They feature brass stencils with real tintypes behind the letters, old lace, buttons and sari ribbons. I know I shouldn't use real tintypes, but copies, but I just think it looks so much better with the real thing! I held the stencils on with Washi tape, printed with old script.  I LOVE Washi tape!

I will try to now post more artsy stuff here, family updates now on Facebook and also addicted to Pinterest for resources! ~Lou