Saturday, March 28, 2015

Paris Theme Piece for Artiscape 2015

I finally finished a piece to take to Artiscape for the auction for abused children (I think that's the cause.)  I try to always bring an artwork.  This time I altered two birdcages and combined them.  There is a tiny one in the top of the large one, featuring a fairy girl with 'quail' feather wings and holding a birdcage (so I guess there are three!)  The group lying on the grass are from an old vintage travel photo and I colored the image with acrylics and pencil and attached feather wings.  The image was then glued to foam core.  There are scraps of old text in the bird nest, eggs and a black bird, green moss, old French post cards, glitter draping and sari ribbons.  The cage was painted with acrylic milk paint.  Hope it gets there in one piece!

Oh, it is called, "Paris Flight."