Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ella Doll Head Looking for Herself

My doll 'Ella' has her head done, but can't find her body as yet.  Actually, I have to redo the neck area, as the old body I purchased needs reinforcement in that area.  The doll head was made from old sacking, stuffed with organic wool, then face applied with the watercolor pencils, sprayed with matte varnish, then a clear matte liquid added over (the one Keith Lobue uses- forget name now.)  I wanted a primitive look- like the old oil cloth dolls I can't afford. 
 Ella, my maternal GM, loved to paint ANYTHING.  She once painted over a wallpaper big scene, because she didn't like the trees.  Also, painted walls, milkcans, furniture- in a style ala GM Moses.  My favorite memory of her was to take the bus to the dime store and eat hotdogs. ~Lou

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