Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cabinet Photograph Swap

I did it again.  I became attached to one of my swaps and had to make another one!  I made 'All the Rage' first, on the left, and just had to keep her for her bird-nest hat, so I made the 'Cherish' butterfly baby to mail instead. Hope you don't mind, Marsha!
I still love to alter and paint old photographs-it is so easy to add pieces of lace (apron on the baby), photo-copy wings, napkin images (bird nest!), and of course, glitter (buttons!). Photos are still a bargain at flea markets-pick them up for less than a dollar whenever you can.  I mean, look at all the money ya all spend at craft stores and ya can get the real deal for so much less at a junk store! Or search for a 'Lot' of photos on Ebay.~Lou


  1. I can see why you wanted to keep it. And the butterfly girl is also delightful (I particularly love her apron).

  2. Lou I found you and oh yes I think I would have kept that one too... nest hat is fabulous hugs wendy