Friday, July 1, 2011

Ella Doll Done, Finally Summer....

Finally finished my Ella Dyantha Cloth doll and pleased that she looks very happy sitting in my doll (escape) room.  Her body was an antique one I bought at a doll show, probably dates to the 1880s or so.  I painted the face on an old piece of homespun and preserved it with a light spraying of matte.  She is wearing antique children's clothes- my passion right now- especially early calicos.
I am back from vacation at the ocean and feel renewed.  Listed stuff on my Ebay store, but not many buyers in the summer.  My trip finds for the store will be listed in the Fall, when business usually picks up.
A note here- my dear friend Darlene just had to put her last cat to sleep-please send her cyber hugs if you are an animal lover like us.  Thanks, Lou

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  1. She looks good, Lou. I am glad to find you. I am trying to blog. Just getting my feet wet. Not much time. Just a little time and pop in to put a little note in. I will try to put in art and pictures as the summer goes on. Miss you Lou!