Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Tech Age is Making Me Broke

Tom recieved a wonderful 'Router' for father's day, which caused a domino affect in our home.  Our 4 year old TV did not have enough ports to add netflex, which was the goal of the Apple router.  So we HAD (per DH) to get a new TV, speaker bar and Blueray...oh, and techy son said we HAD to get a universal remote to set it all up.
Okay-finally could get Netflex, which is fabulous. So of course computer started dying (actually has been going through a prolonged illness for 9yrs) and tech son back again with great deal on Windows 7 package.  Yikes-just back from our vacation and bills flying in, but DH must have great deal.  So, OF COURSE, printer is not compatible with new computer.  Back to store with wonderful techy son and buy printer and a bag of pistachios for son's trouble.  He is LOVING spending parents money!
Now I love all the new toys, but I have the joy of making money to pay for it all with my Ebay store.  I think I may find some of DH's stuff to list, maybe while he is busy listening to Raggae on Apple!
Also, lost many files and artwork from old computer and many programs won't work. Grrrr...
Sorry to vent!
Otherwise, life is great- warm summer days-can't complain about that.  ~Lou

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  1. progress is never easy. I like your idea of selling your son's stuff to pay for his recommendations.